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Visitor Guide

Visitor Guide is an application that helps you find your way in cities, public transport systems, museums, zoo's, exhibitions and many other places. Visitor Guide combines the functionality of a route planner and an information guide

currently available Cities:

New York
Da Vinci Code Paris

For Companies 3LoByte can create a map for exhibitions, hotels, museums, expositions and many other places.

3LoByte can customize an available map to satisfy Company needs. For instance add your hotel to an existing map.

You can combine available maps with your own map. All 3LoByte maps can work together as long as the maps overlap.

Visitor Guide Great features:

Superb color maps
Visitor Guide allows you to load one or more maps, find any location on these maps, plan a trip from one location to another (which doesn't have to be on the same map), and calculate the shortest route between these locations.
The route can be displayed as a list of travel directions or graphically as an animated display combined with travel directions.
The route animation can be shown in a forward and backward direction
The route animation can be shown step-by-step, or as a fluid movement
During route animation the travel directions for the current location are displayed
In situations where you do not want locations to be part of the calculated route you can block these locations. You can also block complete lines or streets.
Visitor Guide will exclude blocked locations and lines/streets from the calculated route.  
Visitor Guide can calculate the reverse route.
You can force Visitor Guide to go via a certain location.
Visitor Guide uses a split window. The top window displays the map; the bottom window displays textual information like travel directions.
Select the location with the stylus in the top window and information about this location is immediately displayed in the bottom window. Using the toolbar you can easily select a selected location as departure or destination.
When Visitor Guide is started it reserves 2/3 of the screen for the map and 1/3 for text. You can change this ratio by dragging the split window border with the stylus.
When Visitor Guide is started it detects the maps that are present. If there is only one map it will load this map automatically. If there is more than one map Visitor Guide will display the available maps allowing you to select one or more maps to load.
Find any location on the maps using the Find Location by Type function or the Find Location by Network function.
Visitor Guide offers extended Help.
Runs on every PocketPc.